Become a Certified Applicator


Are you a passionate professional applicator always chasing for perfection and wanting to use the best product for your customers?

We are currently Certifying Applicator with in each region to use the latest and most innovative professional coating from SOFT99 Japan. Places are limited and restricted to a specific amount of applicators within the same region.

Our professional coating and range are sold exclusively to our certified applicator and unfortunately not available for retail sale.

SOFT99 is the largest car care, detailing supplier and manufacturer in Japan since 1954. Japanese tradition teaches us to be humble. We strive for 100% perfection, but know our journey is never finished. Perfection is our dream, 99 is our reality. We look always to THE NEXT!  Hence why we are continuously improving, developing, testing and innovating the latest and greatest products. All products are research and developed, tested, manufactured and packaged in house.

Certified Applicator Benefits:

✔ Exclusive access to SOFT99 professional coating range
✔ Become an exclusive applicator in your agreed area
✔ Discount across all of SOFT99 Australia's retail range
✔ Express post delivery for all orders
✔ Be first to notified about promotional sales
✔ Be first to notified of new products and developments
✔ On going support and training

All applicants must meet SOFT99 minimum standard requirement.