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Light One

Head Light Restoration

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Contents - 1x 50ml Base Cleaner, 1x 8ml Coating Liquid, 2x Sponge, 1x Cloth


Restore headlights, blinkers and taillights. Light one is a multi-step restoration kit that gives your headlight lenses a deep clean and removes haze and discoloration. 


1. Remove dust and dirt prior to cleaning and application.

2. Shake "Base Cleaner" bottle well, pour liquid onto included cloth and polish lense.

3. Wipe off with clean side of cloth.

4. Shake "Hard Top Coat" bottle well, pour liquid onto included sponge and spread evenly allowing to dry for 1 minute.

* The coating film takes 3-4 days to harden completely. Do not touch or wet the car for 24 hours after applying.