BeCARX Body Heat Coating

BeCARX Body Heat Coating is formulated specifically for body/panel shop use. Body Heat Coating is bonded to the vehicle surface through heat treatment in a car oven spray booth for 1 Hour at 60℃. The heat treatment process brings out high water repellency properties compared to ambient curing. Product allows quick durable paint protection and reduce delivery time of coating to customer.

✔️ Weather Resistant – Protects the surface of your vehicle from oxidation, discolouration, UV light, acid rain and water

✔️ Anti-Fouling – Does not adhere stain, easy to wash off by just rinsing off dirt, salt, bird droppings, traffic grime and etc

✔️ Super strong Water Repellency – Super hydrophobic coating allowing water to bead and sheet off easily

✔️ Adhesion – Adheres tightly to paint allowing coat to have a long lasting durability

✔️ Transparent Layer – Creates a thick clear, transparent, luster layer on your vehicles surface


Applicators within our network are guaranteed to provide the highest level of coating performance. Regularly audited, all SOFT99 Australia certifed applicators deliver the highest possible level of product quality, customer service and technical expertise.

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