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      ✔ Low Maintenance -  Easy to clean car when the time comes for a wash.
      ✔ Paint Protection - Glass Based Coating will protect vehicle coating and reduce the risk of damage from everyday harmful elements.
      ✔ Professional & Experienced Applicator - We are very selective on who we supply our products to. Not all applicators are the same, only a competent and certified SOFT99 Applicator within our network are able apply our professional products on your vehicle.
      ✔ Quality Craftsmanship -
      Detailing and paint protection is a craft which needs to be honed over time. Our applicators are regularly informed, trained, practice their craft and audited to maintain a high level of attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.
      ✔ No.1 in Japan for Professional Coating -
      SOFT99 has been in existence since 1954 and is the largest and number one brand in Japan for high-end car detailing products, based on 2018 FY sales  figure in excess of $296 Million AUD.
      ✔ Track Record - We have a track record for developing and innovating body glass coating since 2005 and are the industry leader in Japan.
      ✔ Continuous R&D - Dedicated in house research & development team to formulate the latest and most innovative products that will protect and enhance your vehicles appearance.
      ✔ Industry Standard Testing - We test our products rigorously through accelerated weather testing and real life field test to ensure our product exceeds Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS) requirement.


      In simple terms a body glass coating is a hardened layer thats provides anti-fouling properties and protects your vehicle's paint from harmful elements such as oxidation, chemical, bird dropping, dirt, traffic grime, acid rain and etc.

      A glass coating is a form of ceramic coating based on silicone alkoxy oligomer or polysilazane. After application it chemically bonds to the coated surface through reaction with ambient heat and moisture forming a harden thick layer. Creates a Si-O-Si protection layer with hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties. Surface structure is similar to glass. This is why we call "glass based coating". Generally durability and layer hardness has higher value than polymer coating.


      ✔ Helps keep car cleaner for longer
      ✔ Easier to clean car when the time comes for a wash
      ✔ Protects vehicle paint from UV degradation leaving the car looking like new after simple wash

      How it works compared to polymer based coating (Sealant & Wax)?

      At high temperature on a hot summer day polymer based coating tends to soften. This allows dirt to adhere when it cools down. After leaving you vehicle for several days or even weeks the dirt has already set into the polymer based coating and becomes difficult to remove during a wash.

      Now if we compare that to a glass based coating on a hot summer day the coating does not soften and dirt generally just sits on the surface. Just simply use a hose with light pressure and the dirt should easily rinse away. This is the real benefit of glass coating! 

      Sealant/ Polymer Coating
      Polymer coatings are a combination of inorganic and wax ingredient. Varying the amounts of these two in the blend will add either durability or gloss, thus comprising one or the other. Hence why shine, gloss and durability are inferior when compared to glass based coating.

      Glass Based Coating

      Formed coating layer is reactive to heat and moisture which hardens on the coated surface. Compare with sealant or polymer type coating, durability and the level of gloss depth are much greater. The molecular structure of coating is similar with glass, creating a hydrophilic coating layer.

      Dual Layer Glass Based Coating

      SOFT99 have developed a dual layer glass based coating that has strong long lasting durability, water repellency, anti fouling, self cleaning properties, weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and a deep level of gloss finish.

      Glass Based Coating will protect vehicle coating and reduce the risk of damage from harmful elements such as:

       Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure
      ✔ Degradation of paint due to weather erosion
      ✔ Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
       Chemical etch marks caused by acidic and industrial contaminants
       Bird droppings
      ✔ Tree gums or sap


        H9 Dual Layer Glass Coat (5 Years Durability)
        Professional Use Only


        H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat is super water repellent type glass coating which make use of the Japanese state of art technology.

        Combines 2 different types of glassy layer creating a 9H pencil hardness. Creating a long lasting deep gloss and shine, which protects harmful elements such as dirt, bird droppings, traffic grime, UV light, water, acid rain and light scratches.



        H7 - Single Layer Glass Coat (12 Months Durability)


        H-7 is a coating based on silicon oxide, used to protect coated objects extreme mode of operation: cars, boats, vending machine, trains, road signs and other. H-7 protects against aggressive environment: rain, snow, mud, sea water and abrasion. H-7 gives body excellent gloss, it is absolutely safe for the paint and retains its protective properties to a year. Can be used on gloss and matte surfaces.



        If you are planning to get a your car coated, then we offer a professional service through our network of certified applicators. For further inquiry, booking and appointment or getting a service quote, please contact us.

        Only a SOFT99 Australia certified applicators can apply our professional H-9 coating.

        Unfortunately these products are not available for retail due to strict condition of application to get the best results from our products.

        Applicators within our network are guaranteed to provide the highest level of coating performance. Regularly audited, all SOFT99 Australia certified applicators deliver the highest possible level of product quality, customer service and technical expertise.

        Please contact us to locate you nearest applicator.


        5 products

        5 products