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Glaco Glass Compound Roll On

Glass Cleaner

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Contents - 100ml


Combining the abrasive powder of small, hard particles and big, soft particles, Glaco Glass Compound Roll-On is able to remove the toughest stains made from oily dirt and fluorine film. By just applying the product lightly onto the glass you will see immediate results as the roll-on removes the oil-film with ease. This convenient product can be used as surface preparation just before applying any coating to the glass.


1. Remove dust and dirt from glass with water, wipe off any water drops remaining on surface.

2. Shake bottle well with cap on and remove plastic seal.

3. Squeeze handle part of bottle to release compound liquid.

4.Polish onto glass until surface stops repelling liquid.

5. Wait for compound to dry, then wash glass clean with water to make a slurry and wipe off.

6. Remove polishing pad from applicator, then wash and dry for future use.