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Ultra Glaco

Rain Repellant 12 Months

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Contents - 70ml


Maintains a strong coating which resists friction from wipers, dust, car-wash or cleansers, and lasts 6 times longer than conventional coating agents. The water repellency lasts up about 1 year.


1. Remove dust and dirt from windscreen with water.

2. Use ‘Glaco Roll On Compound’ in advance for surface preparation.

3. Take cap off and apply on dry windscreen.

4. Press side of bottle to allow fluid out and rub firmly onto windscreen without splashing fluid.
* Do not apply on wet windscreen as it may cause uneven marks to surface.

5. After drying for 5-10 minutes, wipe off with a dry clean towel.

6. Allow drying for at least 12 hours for coating to bond firmly onto windscreen.