8H Anti-Fouling Hard Coat

Porous Material Coating Protection

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Suitable for inorganic materials such as concrete, mortar, porcelain tile, stone, inorganic plaster and tile grouts.


Exterior walls of buildings can easily accumulate dirt and water over time causing it to deteriorate and lose their visual appearance. The ongoing cost of cleaning and repair is one of the major issues building owners are face with. Our “8H Anti-Fouling Hard Coat” is formulated specifically to reduce maintenance cost and protecting inorganic porous materials such as porcelain tile, sandstone, mortar and concrete. When 8H is applied to the surface, a dense, hard and hydrophilic anti-fouling layer is firmly formed on the exterior and interior of the application surface. As a result, dirt and rainwater is prevented from entering inside the pores. Any dirt build up is simply washed away by water or rain, maintaining the surface aesthetic.

✔️ Weather Resistant – Inorganic coating, protects surface and resistance from deterioration due to UV light, heat and water. Protects against acid rain and salt damage prevent deterioration.

✔️ Durability Anti-fouling layer is firmly formed not only on the surface but also penetrates deep inside the application surface adding long lasting durability and protection for up to 14 years. Formulated 20 years ago our original test pieces are still protected to this day!

✔️ Anti-Fouling – Cross-linking reaction forms a three-dimensional retinal structure creating an anti-fouling layer prevents the adhesion of stains. Resistant to dirt, water and acid rain. Prevents deterioration and maintaining long-term anti-fouling performance

✔️ Hardness – Forms a dense and very hard coating equivalent to 8H surface hardness

✔️ Super Hydrophilic  Excellent water sheeting effect, prevents water stain adhesion

✔️ Easy Application - Application process can be done in a short time, simply clean surface, allow to dry and apply product