NIONAX - Direct Injection Fabric Seat Deodoriser

Fabric Seat Deodoriser


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Contents - 220 ml


Fabric seat deodoriser directly attacks and neutralises smells trapped in fabric seats, effectively removing smells when conventional products would fail. Newly developed direct injection mechanism allows the deodorising and anti-bacterial compounds to penetrate directly into the inner structure of the cushioning to attack those stubborn smells coming from sweat, pets, tobacco and etc.


*Wipe down seat completely with a wrung-out damp towel.

1. Shake well and unlock nozzle.

2. Press direct injection nozzle directly into fabric seat, spacing injections by around 30cm. Use 1-2 sprays for headrest, 4-6 for front seat or backrest. Each injection should be around 1 second.

3. Using spray lever, spray entire seat surface from a distance of approximately 20 cm.

4. After spraying, wipe down seat with dry towel, leave to dry completely
(Allow at least 4 hours in summer and 12 hours in winter).