New Fabric Seat Cleaner 400

New Fabric Seat Cleaner 400

Fabric Seat Cleaner


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Contents - 400 ml + 1x Brush


Not only cleans fabric seat but also gets rid of bad odours. Antibacterial effect prevents moulds or ticks from occurring, leaving a fresh mint scent behind. Can easily remove dirt, tar, stains or sebum from fabric seats. Included brush used for agitation to remove dirt in fabric. Organic solvent is NOT included, so it is very friendly to people and fabrics.


1. Turn nozzle to <MIST>.

2. Spray from a distance of approximately 15-20cm from fabric seats or mats.

3. Use included brush to agitate, area sprayed will bubble.

4. Wipe off the bubble and dirt with a clean towel before surface gets dry.

5. Allow to dry completely after cleaning.