Glaco Dx 110ml
Glaco Dx 110ml
Glaco Dx 110ml
Glaco Dx 110ml
Glaco Dx 110ml

Glaco Dx 110ml

Rain Repellant 4 Months


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Contents - 110ml


Using the newly developed S.A.R.F. (Strong Adhesion + Rapid Finish) technology, the latest generation of Glaco creates an ultra-smooth layer that pushes away rain more powerfully than ever before... and it lasts for 4 months!
The swivel-head and large, square application felt allow for much easier application and make sure the corners get a proper coat.
Also repels traffic film, snow, and frost!


*Note: Wash away dirt and dust, and dry completely before application.

           Unscrew the cap and remove.

1. Press onto the glass and gently squeeze to release the liquid, allowing it to soak into the felt head.

2. Apply to the glass in a criss-cross pattern, squeezing to release more liquid as necessary. Leave no gaps.

3. Dry for 5-10 minutes, and wipe up with a tightly-wrung out damp towel.

Incomplete removal may lead to wiper judder.