H-7 (50ml)
H-7 (50ml)

H-7 (50ml)

Ceramic Coating 2 Year


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Contents - 50ml, 1x Applicator Pad, 2x Application cloth, 1x Microfiber Towel, 1x Pasteur Pipette

Features - 2 Years Durability Hydrophilic Coating

H-7 was originally formulated for vending machines in Japan in the early 2000s and later found its use to protect objects in harsh environments: vehicles, wheels, marine vessels, vending machines, trains, signage, aircrafts, and other outside equipment and its housing. The product creates a tough, silicon-based coating that forms a hard glass layer to protect objects against corrosion from rain, salt, mud, chemicals, UV radiation, and even light abrasion. Excellent self cleaning effect with its hydrophilic properties and is absolutely safe for the paint. Can be used on gloss and matte surfaces. Coating provides superior waterproof and anti-rust functions, which makes it a suitable choice of coating for items that are installed outdoor.

✔️ Weather Resistant – Protects the surface of your vehicle from oxidation, discolouration, UV light, acid rain and water

✔️ Anti-Fouling – Does not adhere stain, easy to wash off by just rinsing off dirt, salt, bird droppings, traffic grime and etc

✔️ Hardness – Excellent resistance against micro scratches caused by wind dust and dirt

✔️ Adhesion – Adheres tightly to paint allowing coat to have a long lasting durability

✔️ Super Hydrophilic  Excellent water sheeting effect, prevents water stain adhesion


Drainage Performance Test – Water on hood receding


Less Frequent Visit to Car Wash

3 Months  Outside Exposure Test comparison to generic body glass coating


MARINE BOAT (12 MONTHS AFTER APPLICATION)soft99-h7-glass-coating-ceramic-coating-paint-protection-marine-application

OUT DOOR CONDENSER UNIT (34 MONTHS AFTER APPLICATION)soft99-h7-glass-coat-ceramic-coating-japn-outdoor-condenser-unit-34-months-after-application


1. Completely remove grease and dirt from areas to be treated. If a cleaning agent or water is used, allow to dry completely.

2. Use Silicone Off to wipe down any remaining residual this will allow a stronger bond between the surface and coating.

3. Apply liquid to the white surface of the included sponge. Apply evenly to the surface, leaving no untreated or poorly covered areas. Use each sponge for only one application (do not reuse a sponge that has hardened).

4. Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes, and wipe down lightly with the included cloth.

5. After coating, leave to cure in a dry place for 12 hours.


! As it dries, uncoated areas will become obvious. If there are any uncoated areas left behind, reapply to coat to the area.

! Wipe off liquid within 20 min. after applied. If you leave longer, wiping will be hard and may cause an uneven finish. Application should be avoided when the surface to be coated is hot, because the liquid dries immediately and may cause an uneven finish.

It requires about 1 week for the coating layer to become completely hardened. During the 1 week hardening process, do not rub the coated surface. If you polish coated surface with abrasive, it will cause damage to the coating layer and it will the deteriorate.

Wrong application of glass coat or incorrect surface preparation to car body CAN damage the paint of your car
!Please be sure you have got all the required expertise and equipment to apply this coating.

We are not responsible for wrong application of this product or incorrect surface preparation.