H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat
H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat

H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat

Ceramic Coating 5 Year


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Contents - Primer 100ml, Top Coat Liquid 100ml, Sponge with Buff x 2pc, Cloth x 2pc, Gloves x 2pc

Features - 5 Years Durability Coating

H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat is super water repellent type glass coating which make use of the Japanese state of art technology. Combines 2 different types of glassy layer creating a 9H pencil hardness. Long lasting deep gloss and shine, protects from harmful elements such as dirt, bird droppings, traffic grime, UV light, water, acid rain and light scratches.

✔️ Weather Resistant – Protects the surface of your vehicle from oxidation, discolouration, UV light, acid rain and water

✔️ Anti-Fouling – Does not adhere stain, easy to wash off by just rinsing off dirt, salt, bird droppings, traffic grime and etc

✔️ Strong Water Repellency – Super hydrophobic coating allowing water to sheet off easily

✔️ Hardness – 9H Hardness excellent resistance against micro scratches caused by wind dust and dirt

✔️ 5 Years Durability – Durability based on field and accelerated weather testing according to Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS)

✔️ Adhesion – Adheres tightly to paint allowing coat to have a long lasting durability

✔️ Gloss – Creates a thick clear, transparent, deep gloss and shine layer on your vehicles surface

Dual glass layer creating a super high level of durability and water repellency

 Conventional Coating (Sealant or Wax)

 Conventional coating (Sealant or Wax) surface can easily become soften on a hot day allowing dirt to penetrate into the coating. Static electricity also allows oily dirt to adhere. After washing and drying your vehicle it is very common to see dust or dirt residue still reaming on the surface as it has already penetrated into the coating.

H9 Dual Layer Glass Coating (Glass Based Layer)


H9 Dual Layer Glass Coating creates a harden coated layer on your vehicles surface similar to glass. The material does not soften when expose to high heat on a hot summer day which prevents dirt from penetrating into the surface. The coating doesn't damage the paint surface and adds a coated protection layer. Allowing ease of maintenance while giving your vehicle a deeper level of gloss and anti-fouling effect for a longer period of time.

L-Value Test

Outside Exposure Test (After 5 Months)

After 5 months SOFT99 H9 Dual Layer Glass Coat still holding up with strong water repellency.
Generic body glass coating and fluorine based coating effect can be seen to have worn off.