Leather Barrier

Leather Barrier

Leather Protection


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Contents - 230 ml + 1x Cloth


One step cleaning and coating to give leather a hydrophobic protective layers. Protects from dirt and helps retains its natural gloss. Protect your leather upholstery from spillages and stains. Water-based formulation safe for human contact, no unpleasant petrochemical smell. One bottle will treat 20 seats.


1. Shake well, turn nozzle to 'ON'.

2. Fold cloth into quarters, exposing nappy (fluffy) side.

3. Spray directly onto leather surface from a 10 cm distance. Around 8 shots for seat, and 10 for backrest. Spray onto nappy side of cloth to apply on narrow areas (steering wheel, etc.) or when applying to perforated leather seats.

4. Use dry section of cloth on the nappy side to wipe down surface.
Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

Note: When the desired effect is not achieved, protective coating may be reinforced by repeated application and drying. We recommend reapplying once every 3 months to maintain optimal protection.