Piano Black Restoration Kit

Plastic Restoration


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Contents - Abrasive 80ml, Ultrafine pad L ×1, Ultrafine pad S ×1, Compound Sponge ×1


The high-gloss black plastic known as piano black shows scratches very easily, and can show age much more quickly than paint or other areas of the vehicle. This kit makes it easy to restore painted and unpainted piano black and other high-gloss plastics by hand, refining them to a near new condition.


Note: Be sure to thoroughly clean and thoroughly dry the area to be treated, and mask off neighbouring areas. Use a scratch removal compound (sold separately) with the compound sponge to remove any deep scratches beforehand.

1. With the cap closed, shake the bottle well.

2. Choose an ultrafine pad size appropriate or comfortable. Apply a moderate amount of compound to the black surface of the pad. Polish the surface while spreading the liquid in horizontal and vertical motions. Aim work on one 30×30 cm area at a time.

3. After polishing, remove any masking and wipe up any residue with a soft, clean towel.