SMOOTH EGG Hydro Flash

SMOOTH EGG Hydro Flash

Quick Detailer Hydrophilic Coat


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Contents - 230ml + 1 Wipe Cloth


Our newly developed quick coat not only gives your vehicle water-repellent Hydropolymer layer, but prevents water stains with its unique Hydropeeling technology. When a vehicle coated with Smooth Egg Hydro Flash is wet with rain, the residue that would normally result in a stain is carried away along with a small amount of the polymer. This is seriously strong protection. By including a specially formulated levelling agent, we are able to keep our Hydropolymer evenly adhered to your vehicle… and that keeps your car shining beautifully, with a gloss that withstands the elements. This product is suitable for use on wet or dry coated and uncoated vehicles, and may be used on all exterior and interior parts except upholstery. One bottle treats a medium-sized vehicle eight times.


Note: Before applying Smooth Egg Hydro Flash, be sure to wash your vehicle.

Drying is optional.

1. Shake well, remove the trigger lock, and spray onto the body, 1 spray for every 30cm2 on dry car body, if car body is wet 1 spray for every 15cm2 area

2. Wipe off quickly with the included cloth.

Work on a small area at a time.