Anti-Fog Spray
Anti-Fog Spray

Anti-Fog Spray

Interior Anti-Fog


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Contents - 180ml


Product is a spray on mousse that helps reduce condensation on the windows in cold temperatures. All you need to do is spray on leave it for 3 mins and buff it off! The spray can comes in size of 180ml which is enough to last approximately 8-10 windscreen, durability is up to a month.


1. Clean glass surface prior to application

2. Make sure surface is dry prior to application, you can spray product directly to the glass or on a microfiber cloth

3. Spread evenly, the glass should be full of foam solution, let it on for 3-5 mins

4. Wipe off with another cloth! If necessary you can use paper towel to dry the area.

*Warning do not put near open flames, keep clear away from children