BLACK BLACK - Hard Coat for Tire

2.5 Months+ Tire Coating


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Contents - 110ml


BLACK BLACK creates a thick-film coating on tires and maximizes shine along with super durability. The non-sticky, hard coating prevents dirt from adhering, which helps your car maintain ideal conditions by simply washing. The coating lasts for more than 60 days, and this rubbing type does not splatter over other parts.


* Be sure to wear protective gloves.
* If the tire is very dirty, remove unwanted residue in advance.
* Do not use this product on wet tires.

1. Shake bottle well and put liquid on black side of included sponge.
Allow enough liquid to soak thoroughly into applicator sponge.

2. Apply to tire and spread evenly across the tire.

Apply repeatedly until desired level of gloss is achieved.

3. Allow coating to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes after applying.

* If liquid gets into unwanted parts, wipe it off immediately with a clean towel or SOFT99 Silicone Off (sold separately).