BLACK PARTS ONE - Unpainted Resin Parts Refresh Kit

Bumper & Wiper Restoration


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Contents - 40ml Base Cleaner, 8ml Coating Liquid, 4 x Special Sheets, 4 x Sponge


Restoration for unpainted resin parts such as a bumper or around wipers. Included 'Liquid Binder' removes dirt marks from the surface of resin parts, and 'Hard Clear Coat', creating a Silicon-based thick hard film coating.


1. Remove dirt, oil and any other unwanted residues from surface.

Dry completely.

2. Apply a small amount of “Liquid Binder” onto included sheet, then spread thinly and evenly.

3. Wipe off with clean side of sheet.

4. Detach one sponge, apply “Hard Clear Coat” onto black side of included sponge and spread evenly.

5. Do not touch or wet surface for 24 hours.