Cloth Barrier Fabric Seat Coat

Fabric Seat Protection


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Contents - 170mL + Sponge 1pc


Coated agent to prevent fabric seat from dirt and liquid. Just spray and spread with sponge, contain special fluorine (fusso) polymer creating a protective layer on top of your fabric seat. Protects from water based and oil stains as well! High abrasion resistance works approx 3 months*.


1. Wipe seat with damp towel and vacuum (Do not use any cleaning products).

2. Shake bottle well and turn trigger to on.

3. Spray from a distance of approximately 20cm away from fabric seat
Allow liquid to moisten desired area.

4. Use included sponge to spread liquid in dry area for even coverage.
Spray moderately about 12-15 times per seat.

6. Allow at least 4 hours to dry.