SOFT99 Series Dark & Black Wax

SOFT99 Series Dark & Black Wax

Basic Wax Gloss Finish


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Contents - 300g


Dark & Black Wax creates a long-lasting coating of wax that brings out the deep shine of dark solid colors like black, deep blue, and brown.


*Make sure that your colour is compatible with this product.
* Wash and decontaminate car surface.

1. Take a moderate amount of wax and spread evenly onto car's body using included applicator sponge.

2. After surface gets dry (5-10 minutes), wipe it off with a soft clean towel.
Make sure to finish entire process. If left unfinished, may cause spots or unevenness.

3. Seal can container in order to prevent fluid from evaporating.
Wash hands well with soap after use.
*For best results we recommend buffing off with SOFT99 ‘Wipe Cloth’.