Fabric Seat Spot Remover

Spot Stain Remover


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Contents - 20ml


Spot stain remover kit for fabric seat which is effective for removing stubborn stain. Three simple procedure "Wash"→"Rinse"→"Absorb" can remove stain using our exclusive liquid and HPVA sponge. Can remove up to 30 fifty cent coin size stain. * HPVA=Hexagonal Polyvinyl Alcohol


1. Soak sponge in water and squeeze allowing sponge to become moist.

2. Shake bottle well and apply 5 drops of liquid onto sponge.

3. Press and tap sponge on stained area.
Cleaning liquid will react with stain and loosen it from the fabric fibres.

4. Rinse sponge.

5. Remove stain from fabric seat by using hexagonal side of sponge to absorb. Rotate each side continuously.

6. Rinse sponge and use flat clean side to absorb remaining excess liquid.