FUKUPIKA Bugs & Droppings Removal Wipes

FUKUPIKA Bugs & Droppings Removal Wipes

Bugs & Droppings Wipes


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Contents - 10 Sheets


Dead bugs, bird droppings and tree sap can cause damage to car paint. Not with FUKUPIKA Bugs& Droppings Removal, simply just wiping, removes and completely cleans the car's surface. Compared with conventional cleaning wipes, this wipe makes it possible give the car a nice clean surface finish,without leaving behind any white residue. The products does not contain any petroleum solvent, making FUKUPIKA absolutely eco-friendly!


1. Take out one sheet from package.

2. Do not rub with excessive force. If removing heavy dirt, wipe and allow cleaner to penetrate dirt, then gently wipe area. Results may vary depending on the contamination and adhesion of dirt.

3. When removing mud, sand, and dust, wipe off surface lightly and finish with a cleaner side of wipe.
* If white residue of cleaner remains on surface, wipe off with a clean wet towel.

4. If whole sheet gets dirty or dry, use another sheet.
* Seal package firmly, in order to prevent sheets from drying out.