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12 Months Durable Wax


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Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax is a synthetic paint sealant that creates a protective hydrophobic coat on the car's body. It leaves a very smooth and glossy finish. What is by far the most important is the durability! Up to 12 months of beading and sheeting is the reason why Fusso Coat is taking the detailing world by storm. Available in two tone variations to produce best results depending on your vehicle’s paint colour.

✔️ Weather Resistant – Protects the surface of your vehicle from oxidation, discolouration, UV light, acid rain and water

✔️ Anti-Fouling – Does not adhere stain, easy to wash off by just rinsing off dirt, salt, bird droppings, traffic grime and etc

✔️ Strong Water Repellency – Super hydrophobic coating allowing water to sheet off easily

✔️ Gloss – Creates a thick clear, transparent, deep gloss and shine layer on your vehicles surface

✔️ Coats up to 40 vehicles!


* Make sure that your car colour is compatible with product.

1. Wash and decontaminate car surface.

2. Dampen included applicator with water and take a very thin amount of wax onto the included applicator sponge, spread it thinly and evenly onto car surface.

3. After surface gets dry (2-3 min), wipe off with a dry soft clean towel for finish.

* We recommend you do this process panel by panel (e.g. hood, door, roof, etc.) especially in the summer.

*For best results we recommend buffing off with SOFT99 ‘Wipe Cloth’ and do not wash the car in next 24 hours to allow polymerisation.

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