Neutral Shampoo Creamy Type Quick Rinsing + Compound in

Shampoo + Compound


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Contents - 1000 ml


High performance pH neutral shampoo removes stubborn dirt in a flash. Will not attract dirt even if the soap dries up during wash. Powerful wash that regains paint clarity. Ultra-fine cleaner particles clean without damaging the paint. Removes minor water spots in one wash.


1. Remove sand and dust from car with water.

2. Shake bottle well with cap on.

3. Pour 1 or 2 coin size drops of shampoo directly onto a damp sponge, create lather by rubbing sponge.

4. Clean vehicle with sponge.

5. Rinse well with water until all bubbles are gone.

6. Wipe off all water drops remaining on surface with a clean or absorption towel.
If water drops remain on surface, it may cause spots or stains.