Water Block Wax D&B

Water Block Wax D&B

Super Hydrophobic Wax


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Contents - 300g


Forget about water spots! Water Block is a sheeting wax that will make water simply slide down your car paint. Blended carnauba and high-adhesive polymers create a great combination of hydrophobicity and natural shine. Combine this wax with products from the Glaco series to create an ultimate raincoat for your car! Available in two tone variations to produce best results depending on your vehicle’s paint colour.


* Make sure that your car color is compatible with product.

* Wash off any sand, dust, and dirt, and wipe off any remaining water drops.

1. Take a moderate amount of the wax and spread it evenly onto car's body using the included sponge.

2. After the surface gets dry (5-10 minutes), wipe off with a soft clean towel.

* We recommend you do this process panel by panel (e.g. hood, door, roof, etc.) especially in the summer

* Drying time may be longer in winter