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Stain Eraser for Natural Tanned Leather can remove dirt from leather products such as: shoes, bags, belts or jackets. It is as easy as if you were erasing words with an eraser. It does not require you to use water and cleanser, which does not leave any unwanted stains or spots. Includes convenient to carry protection case. If you bring it in your bag, you can use it easily wherever you are and whenever you want.

<Natural Tanned Leather>
 Abrasive compounds are not included so there is no damage to the leather surface after unwanted residue is removed. The eraser shavings are splatter-proof and are very soft. We recommend you use this product specifically for white leather where dirt is easily visible.

This eraser is shaped with exclusive, extra fine fibers. It gently removes dirt from suede leather or velour which can easily be damaged.