Strong Acid Dissolver Kit for Wheel Iron Deposit

Strong Acid Dissolver Kit for Wheel Iron Deposit

Wheel Cleaner


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 Contents - Cleaner (120mL) x 1bottle, Brush x 1pc, Cup x 1pc, Gloves x 2pcs


This is acid type wheel cleaner, can dissolve burned iron powder and brake dust which cannot remove by conventional wheel cleaner with easy procedure.
Strong acid cleaner dissolves heavy iron powder, which stuck against wheel, without damaged paint surface.


1. Remove dirt or oil by car shampoo and wipe off throughly.

2. Be sure that wheel is cool and confirm the area where iron powder is accumulated.

3. Take moderate amount of solution into attached cup, and start applying accumulated area with brush.

4. Let sit 10 minutes, buff off with clean towel. In case of difficultly wiping off once, repeat procedure 3 and 4.

* Application is up to 3 times.

5. Afterwards remove residue by rubbing with water.

* If rinsing is not enough, wheel might discolor, blushing and cause stain.